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About ASA Irish Dance

Our mission is to provide an energetic and supportive dance atmosphere that focuses on foundational technique and attention to individual dancer needs. Our fun and structured classes guide dancers with our top five values in mind: Strength, Empowerment, Motivation, Discipline, Community and Mentorship. The name Ardaigh Suas, meaning “rise up” in Gaelic, represents the literal lift and elevation required in Irish dance and our goal to elevate dance instruction to the next level. Our goal is to provide a versatile experience that includes skill development, cross-training to improve strength and flexibility, and mentorship that encourages and supports dancers on an emotional level.




Athletes of all ages should have a voice in their training. Our instruction addresses individual needs and styles, allows dancers to bring their own creativity to their dance experience, and gives them the option to select a competitive or non-competitive route.


Providing a comfortable, safe, and fun atmosphere for dancers is our priority. We focus on developing meaningful relationships with dancers that will help guide them and provide them support in and outside the dance studio.


Our team was formed by a combination of dancers from varying groups who have come together to build friendships, pursue goals, and encourage each other along the way. We aim to form a collaboration between teachers, dancers, and families to create an uplifting company.


We believe dancers thrive with structured and efficient training. We encourage respect and effort in our classes in order to help dancers reach their highest potential and to instill life-long qualities in them.


Irish dance is a balance between skillful training and maintaining a love for the art. We strive to keep our dancers engaged and encouraged through positive reinforcement, strategic class planning, and team events and performances.


Being physically and mentally strong not only contributes to dancer success but also provides a foundation for overall health. Strength can be found and developed in each and every dancer.

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